EHS Respiratory Protection Program

The Environmental Health & Safety department (EHS) provides a respiratory protection program to train employees to protect themselves from potential respiratory hazards. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, requires UNM to create and maintain an individualized, written respiratory program if their employees use respirators. These requirements are spelled out in 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.134. Click here to review the EHS Respiratory Protection Program.

For questions or if experiencing issues please email the RPP Administrators.

Announcements (last updated 3/11/24)

UNM Departments may request a Special Session for Fit Testing and Training:

As always, faculty, staff, and students can sign up for a regular fit testing and training course anytime through Learning Central by following the directions on this website. However, EHS can also accommodate Special Sessions for UNM departments. This option is best for departments that want to have their faculty, staff, and/or students trained in one or two settings.

Click here to request a special session for your department! 

To whom does this webpage apply?

This page is for employees and students who must wear a respirator as part of their official duties.

This page is NOT for information on the voluntary use of N95 respirators or respirator-like masks on campus. Individuals who are not required to wear respirators at work may wish to voluntarily use respiratory protection to increase their comfort, safety, or peace of mind while working. Respirators include N-95 masks, N-100, P-100, and elastomeric respirators (both half and full-face). Workers who decide to voluntarily wear a respirator must sign and return to their supervisor the Voluntary Use Form. If you are unsure if a respirator is required for the job or process you are performing, please submit an Indoor Air Quality Request

Registration Information:

All appointments must be made through Learning Central. 

  • For N95 Masks:
    • Respirator Fit Test & Training: COURSE EHS Respirator - N95
  • For Half, Full, PAPR, or CAPRs:
    • Half-Face, Full-Face, CAPR, and PAPR Respirator Fit Test & Training: COURSE EHS Respirator - HFCP

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Fit Test Registration Guide - EHS - Page 2

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