Art Display Form

All Public Display art projects should submit an Art Display request form. The description is very important. Please be as detailed as possible. It should include things like materials used, dimensions, methods for securing.

  • The form should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the requested day of installation (more would be better)
  • 3 days is the maximum length of installation. Sometimes there can be some flexibility with requests if they are up for a short period of time (2 hours or less) for grading
  • Some outdoor displays may be required to complete an Outdoor Space Use request.  You will be contacted by the Student Activities Center (SUB Room 1018, 277-4706) if it is necessary.  You may want to schedule a walkthrough with SAC to work through some space use possibilities/options for your display
  • Nothing can be hung from trees, buildings or other structures on campus
  • Stakes, rods, poles, etc. may not be put into the ground
  • Chalk must be regular sidewalk chalk, and done in areas exposed to the elements. (No vertical surfaces or under overhangs)
  • Items cannot be floated or placed in the Duck Pond
  • Art displays may not be put on pieces of art on campus (Center of the Universe, Sabo SUB Statues)
  • Displays installed inside of buildings must have prior approval of that building manager
  • All displays must not present trip or safety hazards
  • All displays must not impact American Disabilities Act access or safety.  Displays should not impact visually or mobility impaired people on campus
  • Only shelf stable foods can be served if you are requesting to do so.  Shelf stable foods include cookies, cupcakes, etc.  Nothing that requires heating or chilling can be done without a health permit
  • Amplified sound is only allowed between Noon – 1pm on limited areas of campus.  Please check with the Student Activities Center for these locations