Building Emergency Plans


An Area Emergency Plan is a plan specific to a work area in an emergency. UNM EHS, in collaboration with campus stakeholders, has been working to ensure that every part of campus is covered by a plan.  


Training is now available on Learning Central; please look for the Unit Emergency Coordinator Training (HSC 800-001). If you are unable to find it or need help, please contact our office. 


Need help filling out the Area Emergency Plan? Please check our informational guide to see if this answers your questions before calling.


  • How do I register as a UEC?
  • Do I need a plan?
    • Every mail stop code (at a minimum) must have a plan. If you think another plan covers your area, reach out to EHS at 505-277-2753 for guidance.

  • How do I fill out the template?
    • The template contains gray overlays where your text goes. Additionally, you should:

      • Add Evacuation Maps for your building

      • Designate a rallying point after evacuation

      • Update and maintain First Aid and Go Kits

      • Track the training of your unit's personnel

  • How do I change or update the UEC?
  • Where can I find a copy of our floor plans and evacuation maps?
    • When your department submits the form identifying 2-3 people as the UECs, the coordinators will be added to a Teams group that has the floor plans for your building. 

  • There is no one with mobility impairment in our office, do I need an evacuation plan for the mobility impaired?
    • Yes! You should plan for the eventuality that a visitor or future employee in your office may not be able to evacuate using the designated stairways. This is part of a safe and equitable campus for all.

  • I finished my plan; how do I submit it?
    • Reply to the email you were sent with the subject "AEP Unit Name - Building Number". The filing of these plans is automated, therefore if you do not use this format your plan will not be saved.

  • My plan was rejected, now what?
    • Make sure you are using the format "AEP Unit Name - XXX". The algorithm looks for the AEP to sort emails, it then uses the - to file the plan in the appropriate building folder and saves it using the unit's name. If any of these elements are missing, the email won't work.

  • Teaching a class in a building you don't have an office in?
    • Please see our Emergency Plans page. Currently, we have a few buildings around campus that do not hold offices but are used solely for teaching. If you experience an error with the page, please refresh it and try to sign in with your UNM SSO.

Need more help? Reach out to EHS at 505-277-2753 for more information.