Reusable Masks and Thermometers


We do still have reusable masks and now thermometers available

As of 8/20 at 2:28 PM, we are fully out of disposable masks and are out of sanitizer stations and refills. Sanitizer refills do not work in other stations per manufacturer response.


Environmental Health and Safety, in conjunction with both the Health Sciences Center and local vendors, has been working hard to obtain Safety Supplies for the University students, faculty, and staff during this time of uncertainty. So far, disposable masks, reusable masks, and wall-mounted sanitizer stations have been purchased and are on their way to the University of New Mexico.

The US Department of Labor released videos and posters on May 5th, 2020 regarding safe handling and removing of respirators before and after use. 

Video: Putting on and Taking off a Mask from the US Department of Labor

Video: Putting on and Taking off Masks

Right now, we have the following items available: Reusable Masks ($0.47 per mask) and Thermometers ($7.81 per unit, includes batteries and spares). 

Once you place the order, someone will confirm within the next business day regarding what you have placed, and any questions that you may have. If your department needs help finding other supplies (gloves, disinfectants, etc.), please put that in the note as well, since we are working with multiple departments that have various supplies. 

For requesting Safety Supplies, please use the following form: