Field Safety

Field Research Safety Plan

The University of New Mexico is committed to creating, maintaining, and promoting a safe and healthy environment for
students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Part of demonstrating this commitment is providing guidelines and resources to lead
safe, successful field courses and research trips. This program focuses on risk management and hazard mitigation
measures that are relevant for field courses, research expeditions, and other UNM-sponsored academic outdoor

This program was created to enable field research leaders and participants to plan and carry out field activities in the
safest manner possible. However, because of the inherent dangers associated with working outdoors and in remote
locations, successful implementation of the provisions of this program relies upon each individual field research
participant to take responsibility for their safety.

Field Research Tools and Templates

The Field Research Assessment Tool (Field RAT) provides a format for researchers to systematically identify, evaluate, and control hazards, for the purpose of reducing the risk of injuries, illness, and incidents while conducting fieldwork. A risk assessment must be conducted prior to conducting fieldwork for the first time.

After the Field RAT is complete, use the information to complete a Field Safety Plan.

Non-Fillable Templates:

For your convenience, here are the fillable versions of the above: