Chemical Safety

What we do:

Chemical Safety covers the procurement, use, and storage of chemicals, as well as the collection, transportation, and/or the disposal of waste and excess chemicals. These functions must be conducted in accordance with OSHA, EPA, NMED, and DOT regulations.

The Chemical Safety staff provides a variety of services to the UNM academic and research community. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Hazardous chemical waste management advice and training
  • Hazardous materials transportation guidance
  • Hazard communication guidance
  • Chemical purchasing and storage advice
  • Department of Homeland Security Chemicals-of-Interest guidance
  • Cryogenic liquid safety training
  • Compressed gas safety training
  • Spill response assistance
  • Waste minimization advice

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Comprehensive Guidelines + Instructions


Access to web-based chemical inventories (RMM)

Chemicals of Interest

Department of Homeland Security Compliance

Chemical Safety Guidelines

Information + Instructions


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