Fire Alarms

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety works with Facilities Management and IT Alarms to test every alarmed building at UNM once per year to ensure that the systems are working correctly. These tests include the following:

  1. Fire Evacuation Drill
  2. Siren tests
  3. Strobe testing
  4. Panel relays
  5. Elevator recall
  6. Smoke detection in ducts
  7. Suppression testing

The tests ensure that the systems in place are working correctly; if an issue is found, it is reported to the correct area for fixing (FM, IT Alarms, or a 3rd party vendor). 

Each building is tested at the same time each year unless a test falls on a holiday, break, or during midterms or finals week. Facilities that hold regular classes require special attention to have the tests not fall on project weeks or final exam times. Laboratories that need special assistance or require clearance are scheduled far in advance to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

If you need a copy of the fire tests or suppression reports, please call 277-2753. If you are looking for elevator maintenance reports, please contact Facilities Management at 277-1600.