Universal Waste

The FM Recycling Department handles two types of universal waste from all UNM buildings and facilities -- batteries and bulbs/lamps. There are two options for getting rid of these items:

  1. Drop them off at the FM Recycling yard, located at 1818 Camino del Servicio – near the corner of Tucker Ave. and University Blvd., south of UNM parking lot G.
  2. Submit a Service Request to have the items picked up by FM Recycling staff. There is a small fee for this service, therefore you will need to provide an index number with your Service Request.

Please note:

Bulbs/lamps must be boxed up and labeled prior to being dropped off or picked up. Labels and boxes are available at FM Recycling Department.

For more information, visit the FM Recycling Department website and scroll down to the FAQ section of the page, or visit their Recycling Standards page