Infectious / Biohazardous Waste

Infectious/Biohazardous Waste

The Environmental Health & Safety Department (EHS) also coordinates the pickup (by a vendor) of infectious/biohazardous waste from UNM labs. Infectious/biohazardous waste includes (but is not limited to) blood, tissues, carcasses, cell cultures, DNA, and any items that have come in contact with these materials. These wastes must be disposed of in the red, biohazardous waste bins that are supplied by the vendor. UNM’s infectious/biohazardous waste transport vendor (Trilogy MedWaste) comes to UNM to pick up infectious/biohazardous waste every Wednesday.

Please note:

Trilogy MedWaste is a vendor and does not have keys or swipecards to let them in to any UNM building. If they are unable to access your lab, they will not be able to remove your infectious/biohazardous waste. If the lab door must remain locked, please make sure it is posted with the phone number(s) of individuals who can come unlock the door when called. If you have questions about infectious/biohazardous waste, please contact EHS at 277-2753 or submit an email to