Laboratory Design Standards

The University of New Mexico (UNM) regularly modernizes and upgrades its facilities to maintain its highly-coveted designation as the state's only "R1" institution. As such, UNM practices "very high research activity" to produce robust science, exquisite arts, and distinguished literature. To help retain that status, UNM relies on various types of laboratories (i.e., labs), which have significant requirements from municipal, state, and federal regulations concerning local environmental health, occupational safety, and general security.

Beyond complying with regulatory requirements, the purpose of the UNM Laboratory Standards is to:

  1. Facilitate a culture of safety through risk management best practices, education consultation, and collaboration;
  2. Provide a safe environment for lab personnel to conduct their work;
  3. Protect local environmental health;
  4. Offer university faculty, staff, and planning personnel a comprehensive lab design guide; and
  5. Support the retention of UNM's R1 designation