Defensive Driving Course

The University of New Mexico's Defensive Driving request form is now on Learning Central! Please see below for how to access the registration portal; if you do not have a Learning Central Account, please contact Viktor Gough and Leticia Gallardo for further assistance.

Registering through Learning Central:

  • Go to
  • Sign in using one of the two links
    1. For UNM, please click on the link that says "UNM NET ID LOGIN"
    2. For HSC, please click on the link that says "HSC NET ID LOGIN"
  • This will take you to the UNM Authentication page, sign in with your NetID and Password
  • A page may come up that says either Accept or Deny; this means that it is using your NetID to pull up the classes for which you need to register. Click "Accept".
  • On the Learning page, the upper left will have a "Search for Training" box. Type in "EHS DDC" and hit enter.
  • Click on the course (i.e., "Defensive Driving Online Course (2023): ONLINE ANNUAL COMP EHS DDC") and then click "Assign to Me". 
  • Click on "Request a Class" (found under the "You may also": area under categories).
  • It will show as 672 hours: this is because of the fact that you have a month-long period to complete the course, and you can start and stop it as need be. The actual class is not that long.

Please make sure to add your License Number in the Comments section; failure to do so will result in a delayed response.


  1. I haven't heard back about my course request and it's been over 2 business days; who do I contact? 
    • Please email Viktor Gough and Leticia Gallardo to inquire about the status of your submission. It may be that the submission was not submitted right, or we are waiting on pending information. 
  2. I'm not sure if my license is valid; how do I check this information? 
    • You'll have to contact the MVD to check on your license, or we can pull the information if it is a New Mexico License.
  3. I took this course before at a different State job, can I just use my old certificate? 
    • Unfortunately, no. Insurance requires specific training from the University rather than another state entity. 
  4. Why do I have to send over my driving history record for any out-of-state licenses? Why can't EHS pull the record?
    • Because each state has different licensing requirements, we can only access the New Mexico MVD Database. We do not have jurisdiction over different states and cannot check the licenses. 
  5. Why is this course every 4 years now instead of every 5?
  6. I had an account on Learning Central, but it's inactive. When can it be reactivated? 
    • Once the paperwork is processed through the Affiliate Account process, it could take anywhere from 24-48 hours for the account to be fully active. This is an internal security measure and cannot be sped up, regardless of the urgency.


Course Information:

  1. To be eligible to drive a UNM owned vehicle, an employee or student must:
    1. take the UNM Defensive Driving Course; and
    2. hold a valid New Mexico Driver’s License;
  2. For contractors to be eligible to drive a UNM owned vehicle, a contractor must:
    1. take the UNM Defensive Driving Course; and
    2. hold a valid New Mexico Driver’s License;
    3. be authorized by the contract manager;
    4. be on official UNM business; and
    5. have a valid UNM contract that provides that UNM vehicles may be used.
    6. Note: Contractors must pay $43.00 for each course.
  3. Individuals taking the online DDC course may print certificates of completion for their records (serving as your UNM Permit). If they need a replacement certificate of completion, they can contact our offices at (505) 277-2753. The charge for the replacement certificate will be $5.00.
  4. DDC Online access is set for a 1-month period.
  5. To be eligible to drive a UNM-owned vehicle, non-resident employees or students must obtain certification from their resident state showing that they hold a valid driver’s license in that state. This certification must be obtained at their own cost or at the cost of the department. International driver’s licenses will not be accepted.
  6. When a UNM employee or student registers for DDC, they will acknowledge that EHS will perform driver background checks.
  7. If a UNM employee or student is driving their own personal vehicle while on UNM business, their personal insurance coverage is considered primary.
  8. The process and verification can take up to two business days.