Culture of Safety News

Top Survey Responders: Ford Utilities!

The Environmental Health and Safety Department at UNM, as part of our ongoing dedication to occupational and research safety, extends a thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Culture of Safety survey, conducted last October. Utilities Services deserves extra recognition for achieving the highest participation rate in the survey across all departments. As a result, we have awarded their department with a pizza party. The input gathered during this survey will be instrumental in gathering insights to further enhance safety measures and foster a healthier environment for everyone.


Huge thank you to Ford Utilities for helping us bring about a Culture of Safety! 

So what's next for the Culture of Safety Audit?

Here's what we have planned for the upcoming Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 semesters:

  • 2 ½ day Safety Leadership Workshop to equip leaders to drive Culture Change
    • Up to 10 Leaders per workshop
  • 12 Leadership Coaching sessions on Safety Culture Strategy Execution
  • Post-Assessment Communication support
  • 2 Pulse Surveys at 12 and 18 months